Staying Motivated on The Road with Essential Oils Staying Motivated on The Road with Essential Oils

Staying Motivated on The Road with Essential Oils

Diffusion in the Car

Road trips are one of the best things about summer. Packing everyone into the car and driving for hours on your adventure can create some of the best memories, and essential oils are great companions along the way. The nice thing is they don’t take up much room at all but can have a big impact in making the journey much better along the way.


First up, my favorite addition to my long drives is the Aura Cacia car diffuser. I can diffuse all my favorite essential oils on the go and don’t need to pack my big diffuser from home. It plugs right into the standard 12V round lighter socket, so no need to worry if you have the correct outlet or cord. The included diffuser pads make it easy to drop the oil(s) of your choice onto and plug-in. One person can pick the songs while the other can pick the aroma blend of the hour!


Peppermint Essential Oil

My personal favorite car companion is peppermint essential oil. Its refreshing aroma not only helps keep the vehicle smelling fresh, but it helps me stay alert as well. It helps to keep cool on every level - especially in traffic situations that leave us hot and angry.  Add it to the car diffuser or make a car spray with:



Roman Chamomile w/ Jojoba 

Another good one to bring along is Roman chamomile. Add 10 drops of Roman chamomile diluted in jojoba in a roll-on with a carrier oil of your choice. When an argument starts up, pass around the roll-on or use it on a couple favorite old toys to help keep the peace in the back seat.


Sweet Orange

Sweet orange is the other great car companion. It helps with deodorizing which in small spaces is very much needed. Add 20 drops of sweet orange into a 2 oz mist bottle filled with water and 1 Tbs organic vegetable glycerin. Shake it up thoroughly and spray into the car airspace. Its pleasing aroma brings a mood boost to everyone.

(Expert Tip:  Peppermint and sweet orange make a wonderful car blend for the diffuser!)

Lastly, one of the best uses? Sticky surfaces. All those gas station and food stops usually account for some spills along the way. Drop a few drops of sweet orange onto the mess, wipe, and watch it help quickly disappear.


May your journey be fun and smell great along the way!

Authored by:  Elena Mercurio - Aura Cacia Aromatherapist & Educator and Global Travel Enthusiast