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Meet Vanilla

Meet Vanilla

Vanilla essential oil has an alluring, rich, and sweet aroma that is known for its calming and centering capabilities. Vanilla is considered a base note, and adds a balsamic, creamy aroma when blended with citruses, florals, or mints. Aura Cacia vanilla comes pre-diluted in jojoba oil making it convenient, affordable, durable and safe- it can even be applied to the skin right out of the bottle. Jojoba oil is the ideal carrier oil because it is appropriate for all skin types, absorbs quickly into the skin, and doesn’t oxidize so it helps extend the life of the essential oil. The warm, comforting aroma of vanilla adds rich complexity to your perfumes, skin care blends and other topical products.


Where does Aura Cacia Vanilla Essential Oil Come From?

Aura Cacia Vanilla (in Jojoba) comes from Madagascar and India.


What is a CO2 Extraction?

Even though they smell incredibly rich and aromatic, vanilla beans are considered a low-yield plant, meaning they don't produce a significant amount of essential oil if steam distilled. Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) is utilized as a solvent to increase the amount of essential oil we're able to extract from the beans. When the CO2 is returned to its gaseous state, the resulting liquid that remains is the pure aromatic extract of the vanilla beans.


You Know, We Make a Great Pair

The warm, sweet, balsamic-like aroma of vanilla blends wonderfully with citrus, mint, wood, floral, and spice essential oils like sweet orange, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, jasmine, bergamot and frankincense.


Quick Tips with Vanilla

  • Place a drop of the vanilla in jojoba on the wrists and behind the ears to use as a perfume
  • Add a few drops to your favorite unscented lotion or cream
  • Mix in a mister bottle with water and your favorite citrus or floral essential oil for a room spray
  • Note: we don't recommend using more than a drop or two in a diffuser as the carrier oil may clog the device


Recipe: Alluring Vanilla Body Spray