Meet Patchouli Meet Patchouli

Meet Patchouli

Meet Patchouli

Patchouli essential oil has a unique earthy, musky, and almost amber-like aroma. It is known for its peaceful, grounding, and calming properties, as well as its use in skin and hair care. Because patchouli is such a rich base note it can be used as a fixative in perfumes or diffusion blends to give the whole aroma blend a more lasting quality. When diluted for topical use patchouli provides a wonderfully soothing and toning effects.


Where does Aura Cacia Patchouli Come From?

Aura Cacia Patchouli Essential Oil is sourced from Southeast Asia, typically Indonesia, where small farmers grow patchouli for a steady and reliable income. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the properly dried plants.


You Know, We Make A Great Pair

As a deeply rich, resinous base note patchouli can be used to 'fix' or hold more delicate essential oils in aroma blends. It pairs particularly well with citruses, especially Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Aura Cacia Mandarin Essential Oil, and Aura Cacia Bergamot Essential Oil. It also blends wonderfully with other resinous base notes, including Aura Cacia Frankincense Essential Oil and Aura Cacia Sandalwood Essential Oil.


Quick Tips with Patchouli

  • Add 3-4 drops of patchouli essential oil to aloe gel to soothe skin that got a little too sun-kissed
  • Diffuse a blend of patchouli and mandarin orange for a calming yet uplifting diffusion
  • Add 8 drops of lavender and 4 drops of patchouli to 1 oz of your favorite skin care oil for a nightly facial serum


Recipe: Bouquet Room Spray


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