Blue Tansy Essential Oil Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Meet Blue Tansy

Meet The Blue Beauty, Blue Tansy!

Bright blue and soothing, blue tansy Tanacetum annuum is a gentle and calm essential oil with a sweet aroma. It is reminiscent of the smell of spring and summer evenings with a sweet and light presence in any airspace. Soothing to skin and emotions alike, blue tansy is ideally suited for all ages and has a gentle effect in many applications.

But Why Is It Blue?

The hallmark blue color of this oil is due to a natural occurrence during the distillation process. Chamazulene – the chemical constituent that gives the oil its blue color – is also found in German chamomile. The sweet and complex aroma is wonderful in blends for soothing and appeals both to children and adults.

Is Blue Tansy A Flower?

Also known as Moroccan chamomile or Moroccan tansy, this Mediterranean flower is native to Northern Africa.  Similar to its chamomile cousins, it is a sweet and gentle floral known to calm and soothe body and mind.  Useful in topical applications and diffusions alike, this essential oil is beneficial in a variety of personal care applications.  Found in soothing facial and skin care recipes, Blue Tansy is known for its ability to contribute a sweet aroma to lotions, personal care products, cosmetics, and perfumes. 

Quick Tips With Blue Tansy:

  • To soothe skin, add a few drops of Blue Tansy in Jojoba oil to your favorite unscented moisturizer or lotion.
  • Enhance your relaxation by adding Blue Tansy in Jojoba Oil to massage oil for a cool and calm massage.
  • Blend with your favorite facial cleanser for a refreshed face.
  • Inhale by adding a few drops to a cotton ball.  Breathe deeply in moments requiring composure.
  • Mix with your favorite skin care oil in a roll-on for an sweet floral aroma on the go.
  • Add a 8-10 drops to ½ cup of sea salt for a mild desk top diffusion.

Recipe:  Blue Tansy Simple Soother

  • 4 drops Blue Tansy Precious Essential
  • 2 drops Helichrysum Precious Essential
  • 2 teaspoons fractionated coconut oil
  • .31 oz. roll on bottle


  1. In bottle, measure essential oils and top off with coconut oil.
  2. Replace roll-on ball fitment and lid, shake bottle until well blended.
  3. To use, apply to pulse points, temples, and neck.