Essential Oils for Clarity and Calm Essential Oils for Clarity and Calm

Essential Oils for Clarity and Calm

Essential oils have a powerful ability to influence our mind and mood.


The potent little aroma molecules can easily create shifts when we need them most. For calm and peace, essential oils can’t be beat when we use them at the right time and in the right space. Calming oils can help us during life’s tense moments – at night when we need to wind down, or for soothing frustrations and irritations.

These suggested essential oils have long been associated with both clear thinking and a calm state of mind.  Diffuse during times of need, or add to roll-ons or personal mists for on the go.  The oils below can do the trick on their own or in combination with other oils.


  • Frankincense essential oil is great for clarity when sifting through ideas. Its gentle aroma can soothe a frayed mind, especially on tense days.


  • Sandalwood is both soothing and invigorating. It's great for relaxing an overtaxed mind. Sandalwood is beneficial for calm, clear thinking.


  • Lavender is the go-to oil for relaxation and has been long associated with nighttime usage. Use at the end of the day to ease into your evening.


  • Chamomile is another calming oil that is great for nighttime use. This gentle oil is one that can reroute frustration into peace and harmony.


Authored by:  Aura Cacia