Essential Oils and the Happy Effect Essential Oils and the Happy Effect

Essential Oils and the Happy Effect

Turn up the sweetness and grab some happy with citrus oils.


If you’ve ever had the experience of interacting with sweet orange oil, you know it’s difficult to be around that particular aroma without smiling. Known as a ‘happy oil,’ sweet orange and other citrus oils have a tendency to contribute to the happy effect. Essential oils can help remind us of the more pleasurable aspects of life, and even invite an upbeat attitude to an otherwise 'meh' mood. A few other oils associated with this effect include lemon, mandarin & blood oranges, lime, grapefruit, bergamot and tangerine.  

For a quick boost in your daily happy, add citrus oils to your daily regimen and share your smile with the world.  These can be diffused, or added to personal mists and roll-ons to take on the go.  To learn a bit more about the differences between them, check out each oil below:


  • Sweet orange essential oil is great for putting a smile on those who are prone to crankiness. Its cheerful aroma can lift spirits and set the tone for happy days.


  • Bergamot is an ideal citrus oil for contributing to the happy effect. Great for pleasing crowds and easing the mood, this universally appealing citrus oil is a go-to for tense times.


  • Lemon essential oil has a sunny aroma that brightens dark days and dark moods. Easily recognizable, lemon is well-suited in a diffusion aimed at spurring joyful dispositions.


  • Lime essential oil is fresh and distinctly green in the sweetest way possible. Folks who diffuse its aroma frequently share that it reminds them of tropical vacations. Talk about guaranteed to bring on the happy!


  • Authored by:  Charlynn Avery - Aura Cacia Aromatherapist & Sr. Wellness Education Manager and Wellness Lifestyle Enthusiast