4 Steps to Revitalizing the Personal Care Routine for Men 4 Steps to Revitalizing the Personal Care Routine for Men

4 Steps to Revitalizing the Personal Care Routine for Men

If you're a man, you're likely most comfortable with the basics, and when it comes to personal care, that means a routine with a few basics...

Less is more when it comes to the gentleman and their personal care routines. A few basics are all they need: wash, shampoo, shave, put on deodorant, repeat. There's value in evolving your grooming routine however. Take note of body sprays that you can apply as a convenient and subtle alternative to both deodorant and cologne. Maybe you've adopted or are considering a beard, that will have you necessarily expanding the scope of your personal care routine. Another way to take grooming to a new level is with DIY products featuring essential oils.

One way to revitalize the basic routines of body care for men is by re-imagining the products used. A subtle, but transformative way to do this is with essential oils. Essential-oil-based DIY personal care formulas for men can include: all-purpose body washes, homemade deodorant, traditional cologne, shaving cream and beard grooming oil. Switch up your routine in steps.

Step 1: Cleansing

Basic body cleansing for men doesn't have to involve elaborate scrubs, gels or exfoliating products. Most guys like the simplicity and convenience of a good old fashioned bar of soap, or easier to apply yet, shower wash. Adding essential oils to DIY version lets you create a unique and simplified version that features a new, signature essential oil scent.

Step 2: Deodorizing

It might be a challenge for most men to overcome their reliance on the convenience and chemistry of commercial underarm roll-ons and sticks, but a more conscientious DIY underarm cream formula featuring the spicy-fresh, citrus scent of bergamot may change the male mind when it comes to deodorant.

Step 3: Shaving

Shaving is big business. What used to be done with a mug, brush and reliable old single blade razor has been replaced with a confounding (and pricey) array of multi-blade, metal alloy cartridges, lubricating chemical technology and slick packaging. Men can still get a perfect shave using the original equipment and a creamy, essential oil based DIY shave cream.

Step 4: Beard Care

Beards have been cropping up on men everywhere after decades of baby- smooth, clean-shaven looks. This presents a whole new grooming routine for men that includes keeping facial hair clean, trimmed and nicely shaped. One of the biggest challenges is getting wiry, scraggly facial hair under control, and one of the best ways to do this is by applying a small amount of essential oil infused beard oil to a freshly washed beard and combing it through.