Monsters Away Spray with Essential Oils

Monsters Away Spray with Essential Oils

Total Time: 00h 00m
Makes: 2 servings
A homemade spray recipe for kids to keep the monsters away! It features the comforting aromas of chamomile and sweet orange essential oils.

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  • 12 drops Aura Cacia Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 0.125 fl. oz.
  • 12 drops Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil 0.5 fl. oz.
  • 2-ounce Aura Cacia Amber Mist Bottle with Writable Label 2 fl. oz.
  • 2 fluid ounces water


  1. In bottle, combine essential oils.
  2. To use, shake bottle and mist airspace before bedtime.
  3. Add water until bottle is full, replace lid and shake until well blended.