Soap with Lavender Essential Oil

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  • Makes: 18 small bars

A simple melt and pour homemade soap recipe with just 2 ingredients! Hands-on time 1 hour Total time 3 days, 1 hour



    1. Spray and line a nonstick bread pan (bottom and sides) with wax paper, fold excess over rim of pan, taping edges to sides or bottom of pan, and set aside.

    2. In a double boiler over simmering water, heat soap base on low until melted, then remove from heat.

    3. Stir until smooth, well combined and cool enough that a "trace" develops when you lift spoon and allow excess to run onto surface of mixture. Add essential oil and stir until well combined.

    4. Pour into pan and allow to set up.

    5. When firm, turn soap out of pan and cut to size. Let sit for 3 days before using.

    For a decorative touch, sprinkle surface of wet soap with dried lavender flowers immediately after pouring into 9-by-9 pan.

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