Aura Cacia has a full line of products specially formulated with children in mind. From diffusion blends to bubble baths, these products are crafted to uplift, relax, inspire focus and clear, while avoiding the essential oils that are considered potentially aggravating to younger airways.  Like the rest of our product line, the Aura Cacia kids line essential oil blends contain no synthetic fragrances, are never tested on animals and are Non-GMO Project verified.


Our Uplifting aromatherapy blend is a cheerful combination of bright, citrusy top notes with gentle woodsy and floral undertones. This aroma blend is a perfect way to start your day off on the right foot.

Feeling butterflies? Diffuse, spray, or apply the Uplifting blend and practice deep breathing.


Our Kids Clearing aromatherapy blend features fresh, camphorous balsam and pine, renewing citrus, purifying tea tree and manuka. Perfect for wintertime or back to school, Clearing will be a great addition to your child’s wellness routine.

Place several drops of Clearing blends onto cotton balls to stick into cleats, shoes, or sports equipment bags to help combat unwanted odors. 


When it’s time to wind down for the day after school or sports, our Bedtime aromatherapy blend is a wonderful addition to the nighttime routine. This peaceful blend features soothing lavenders, renewing citrus, restoring frankincense and calming blue tansy essential oils.

Place a few drops of Bedtime blend on your favorite stuffed animal or blanket to cuddle at night.


When sitting down to do homework or studying is a challenge; our Focus aromatherapy blend can help make it more relaxed and enjoyable. An uplifting blend of citrus and lavendin oils with grounding vetiver, the Focus blend will help invigorate the mind and calm the body to facilitate deep focus.

Spray the Focus mist at home while studying or use the roll-on in school before taking a test.