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Discover our collection of premium 100% pure essential oils, now categorized in easy to find benefits. Find the benefits you are looking for and pick your favorite aromas, or browse each section to learn more. 


Our uplifting essential oils help to awaken and refresh your mind or space. Bright citrus aromas & invigorating mints can be used in a variety of beneficial ways including diffusion, cleaning, and on the body. 


This collection of relaxing essential oils helps to create a sense of calm in your environment. Balancing florals can be used in a variety of beneficial ways including diffusion, baths, skincare, and perfumes.  


Our Ready-to-Use essential oils is our collection of highly sought after premium essential oils perfect for adding to skincare, bath, perfumes, and more. They are pre-diluted in jojoba oil & ready to use directly out of the bottle, however, use sparingly in diffusers due to the skin care oil component.


Our purifying oils contain a variety of beneficial properties for both body and home. These oils can be used in more functional ways to add to cleaning products, muscle or chest rubs, skin applications and diffusion.


Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oils are USDA certified and are produced without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or synthetic ingredients. Relax and unwind with organic essential oils that you can feel good about.

Inner peace

This collection of peaceful oils helps to restore your mind, body, and space. These oils can be used in a variety of beneficial ways including diffusion to quiet the mind, roll-ons for study time, skincare, or bath. 

Mood Blends

Take the guesswork out of blending essential oils with Aura Cacia's benefit-driven blends. Explore essential oil blends crafted to provide specific aromatherapy benefits for mood support or cleaning. 


Our energizing essential oils help to revitalize your mind and space. Tree sourced essential oils in this category can strengthen our cleaning products, and inspire the mind through diffusion, massage, or bath.