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environmental Practices

Sustainable Operations

Water Conservation. Low-flow water saving devices have been incorporated in our rest rooms, onsite organic cafeteria and manufacturing areas. Our low-water use commitment extends to our landscaping philosophies.

Renewable Energy Credits. We offset 100% of our electrical power usage through the purchase of Green-e certified Renewable Energy Credits from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. We are committed to continuing to reduce our energy consumption levels.

Recycling. We strive to find new opportunities lessen the environmental impact of our production. Recycling programs in our facility have become our newest profit center, and we have identified handlers to begin recycling components of our waste stream previously deemed non-recyclable.

Paper Reduction. Initiatives to achieve company-wide reductions in copy paper consumption include changing printer settings to default duplexing, invoice layout redesign, pick-sheet layout redesign, and an internal awareness campaign.

Responsible Products. One of the mainstays of our business for 30 years has been our environmentally beneficial certified organic products. Also, our Frontier bulk herb and spice lines are earth-conscious options that reduce grocery-related packaging waste.

Carbon-Neutral Distribution. Frontier Direct offsets carbon generated from shipping, making us one of the first distribution centers to provide 100% carbon neutral shipping. Frontier Direct also uses 100% post consumer waste recycled fiber boxes, soy ink printing, recycled and recyclable packaging that is sourced locally. This means our order distribution has a very small environmental impact.

Frontier Direct. Our facilities meet the same tough quality standards as the products we ship:

  • Certified Organic
  • AIB Superior Rated
  • EPA Green Power Partner
  • Carbon Neutral Shipping.

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