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Social Responsibility

Frontier has a tradition of social responsibility in both our own policies and our support of other organizations. We have established an employee-friendly workplace, respected the environment and the grower communities in our operational decisions, and championed organics and sustainable agriculture throughout the world.

read about our recent donation to Akshaya Patra

Frontier is a proud member of Green America, which works with consumers, investors, business owners and workers to promote socially and environmentally responsible change. These programs include support for green business, fair trade and fair labor practices, conservation and responsible investment.

With Well Earth® We Can Do it Together
The Well Earth program supports suppliers committed to excelling in five critical areas:

  • Worker Safety & Fair Treatment
  • Sustainable Production Practices
  • Environmental Impact
  • Social & Community Impact
  • Product Safety & Quality

Through this program Frontier ensures the products we offer are the highest quality, and in return we invest in our grower/suppliers and their communities.

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