Fabric Softener with Petal Power Essential Oil Blend

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  • Makes: 9 fluid ounces

A simple DIY laundry fabric softener featuring Aura Cacia Petal Power Essential Oil Blend.



    1. Into a large mixing bowl, measure

    the baking soda.

    2. Slowly add 1 teaspoon of vinegar

    at a time and mix thoroughly after each addition, allowing the bubbling

    to cease before adding the next teaspoonful.

    3. Add essential oil blend and stir

    until well mixed.

    4. Once the bubbling has fully

    stopped, pour the mixture into

    a glass bottle and cap.

    5. To use, gently shake bottle, then add 2 tablespoons

    for a small load, 1/4 cup for a medium load and ½ cup

    for a large load of laundry to washing machine.

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