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Herb Capsules

Herb capsules are a good solution for many herbal remedies. Easy to make and take, herb capsules are virtually tasteless. They are not as quickly absorbed by the bloodstream as herbs taken in a tea or tincture, but they are handy, particularly for those on the go. By making your own capsules, you can create your own blend, perfectly suited to your needs.

Capsules come in different sizes, with "00" the standard adult size. One adult cap holds about one-half teaspoon of powdered herb, and two "00" caps are commonly considered a standard dose for an adult. You can use either nongelatin, vegetarian caps, which are made from plant cellulose, or the more common gelatin caps.

You can encapsulate herbs by hand, in a small bowl, or with the help of an encapsulating machine. Make sure your hands are dry as you work, and consider combinations of powdered herbs for maximum effect.

Be sure you consult a health care professional if you are receiving any medical treatments or may have a serious health condition.


Gelatin Capsules

Frontier's gelatin capsules feature a a positive mechanical lock, designed for high performance in any any type of capsule filling machine. Common problems (separation after filling and dented ends) are virtually eliminated.

Vegetarian Capsules

Frontier's vegetarian capsules are made from pure vegetable sources and are completely gelatin-free, starch-free, and preservative-free. They consist of only kosher ingredients and are free from all animal products.

Item # Size Capsule Type Color
6003 000 Gelatin Clear
6000 00 Gelatin Clear
6006 00 Vegetarian Clear
6004 0 EL Gelatin Clear
6001 0 Gelatin Clear
6303 0 Gelatin White
6007 0 Vegetarian Clear
6005 1 Gelatin Clear
6305 2 Gelatin White
6306 3 Gelatin White

All packages contain 1000 capsules.

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