Home Air Care in the New Year Virtual Class

 Join us live on Thursday, January 18th at 7:30pm CST

In the past several years as people have been spending more time in the home, caring for our airspace has become a priority. The challenge for many of us though has been finding products that keep our home smelling and feeling beautiful while meeting our standards for clean, synthetic-free ingredients.


Join our Certified Aromatherapist, Betsy Miller to learn more about the new line of Aura Cacia’s entirely plant-based mists, diffusion blends and toilet sprays designed to keep your home airspace feeling pure and smelling amazing. Your home is your oasis, and you can use aroma to bring your vision for your personal space to life.  


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Room Sprays

Invite the stillness and peace of the deep winter into your home with this magical Winter Solstice diffusion blend.

Toilet Sprays 

Bring the magic of the holidays into your home with this warm and comforting simmer pot.

Air Fresheners 

Santa isn't the only one who needs a relaxing soak this holiday season! These easy-to-make candy cane bath salts make an excellent addition to a silent night.