Rose and Lavender Facial Cream

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In aromatherapy, rose oil inspires emotional calm and stability without sedative effects. The aroma is powerful and comforting. Its physical actions are mildly astringent and balancing. Rose and lavender facial cream is excellent for sensitive combination skin. Dabbed onto a freshly washed face, this cream is a fragrant, toning emollient.



    1. In a double boiler, melt the wax into the jojoba oil. Remove from heat once melted.

    2. Warm the distilled water in the double boiler until temperature is equivalent to jojoba/beeswax mixture.

    3. Pour water in a thin stream into the jojoba/beeswax mixture while vigorously beating the mixture with a wire whisk.

    4. Continue whisking until a creamy emulsion begins to form.

    5. Add the rose absolute and lavender to the cream and whisk to incorporate. Transfer to wide mouth jar.

    6. To use, apply desired amount to skin.

    7. To store, place in refrigerator to maintain freshness.

    *Avoid contact with eyes

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