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We are dedicated to developing employee programs that promote well-being and encourage personal and professional growth. We do this by offering progressive employee benefits, and providing a positive and supportive work environment.

Frontier's headquarters are in Norway, Iowa. A friendly farming town of under 1,000 people, Norway has a low crime rate, affordable housing, wide open spaces, a relaxed pace of life and good neighbors. The nearby cities offer a wide range of cultural activities often unavailable to rural communities.

Happy employees produce great work, it's that simple. We believe a company that creates, produces, and markets wholesome, natural foods and personal care products should also focus on policies and practices that promote personal well-being in the workplace. Learn more about our Frontier Employee Benefits.

Employees are important at Frontier. We share financial and strategic information openly with all employees at quarterly company-wide meetings and the CEO breakfasts with a cross-section of employees monthly to get their perspective. There are opportunities for employees to participate in decision-making teams in areas like wellness, safety and community giving. And there's an open-door policy for all managers, including our top-level management team, to hear employee ideas and comments.

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