As a fitness instructor, business owner, dedicated wife and mom, Nadia understands the importance of taking care of your body and mind. Discover Nadia's favorite Aura Cacia products she couldn't go a day without.

Relaxation Kit

This kit helps you explore the power of Aura Cacia pure essential oils for relaxation.

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Shea Nut Oil

Shea Nut Oil absorbs easily, providing the nourishing benefits of shea butter in a lightweight, thin oil form.

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Rose Roll-on

Rose oil nourishes and revitalizes the skin and provides a comforting, stabilizing atmosphere.

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Nadia Murdock

Aura Cacia has become second nature to me when incorporating essential oils and body care products into my everyday life. I love the versatility each oil provides, as it allows me to thrive in all aspects of my life. Aura Cacia has became a regular part of my self-care routine and those precious moments I have for myself. When I am calm and the best version of myself, I can be the very best mom for my son.