A "mom-prenuer" of three awesome kids and owner of her own DIY business, Delia has a true appreciation for all the work that goes into the craziness that is mom-hood. These Aura Cacia products help Delia conquer her world...or another laundry pile!

Discover Kit

Aura Cacia Discover Essential Oils Kit helps new users discover four popular and versatile oils in one convenient package.

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Lavender Roll-on

With a simple, roll-on application, these blends of essential oils and apricot kernel oil are perfect for safely applying to the skin for a variety of benefits—without leaving behind an oily feel.

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Organic Coconut Oil

Sourced from the Philippines, this unrefined organic, Fair Trade Certified coconut oil is cold-pressed from the flesh of the coconut.

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Influencer Name

Delia Randall

As a mom of over 14 years, I have come to appreciate how much of a mother’s work is unseen. While I love how both my business and my kids keep me engaged and fulfilled, they have also been very good catalysts at helping me learn the crucial value of a little me time. Which is why I love Aura Cacia essential oils. I have been a fan of Aura Cacia almost as long as I have been a mother, and have always appreciated their quality, and easy to find essential oils that make trying to live a more natural lifestyle approachable and simple. A few calming dabs from my favorite lavender oil roll on, and I feel like I can conquer the world…or the laundry pile!