Moms We Love

Moms are absolutely incredible. From growing a human, to raising one (or more!) we think moms should be celebrated and loved every day. We want to help empower moms to feel beautiful, strong and unstoppable in their own skin and lives. And with a little extra love from Aura Cacia, moms can be all those things and more.


As a fitness instructor, business owner, dedicated wife and mom, Nadia understands the importance of taking care of your body and mind. Discover Nadia's favorite Aura Cacia products she couldn't go a day without.

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As an actress, singer and hard working momma from LA, Alissa understands the importance of rocking your own passions in life, so that you can thrive in the best role of them all - motherhood. Check out her favorite Aura Cacia products that keep her rocking the mom role each day.

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A "mom-prenuer" of three awesome kids and owner of her own DIY business, Delia has a true appreciation for all the work that goes into the craziness that is mom-hood. These Aura Cacia products help Delia conquer her world...or another laundry pile!

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A self-described “recovering perfectionist,” Kate Arends manages to juggle two kids, one dog, and a few different businesses. Discover Kate's favorite Aura Cacia products that keep her conquering all endeavors like a boss mom.

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