Using essential oils for pregnancy care

Learn how to use essential oils safely during pregnancy for uplifting self-care during this special life phase.

Try Quick Tips

Calm queasy spirits with a refreshing peppermint diffusion: Add 18 drops peppermint to a diffuser and operate according to diffuser directions.

Make a calming lavender body spray: Mix 2 fluid ounces water and 24 drops lavender in a spray mist bottle, shake well and spray exposed skin, avoiding eyes.

Apply a soothing chamomile body oil: Blend 2 fluid ounces sweet almond oil and 24 drops Roman or German chamomile in a 2-ounce bottle and smooth onto clean skin.

Embrace a holistic approach by making these 5 must-have homemade essential oil applications for self-care during pregnancy. (You’ll find recipes for all five applications in this Inspiration.)

Synthetic-free deodorant

During pregnancy, you’re very careful of what you put in and on your body. Deodorant is something we apply and leave on our skin more than any other product, so it’s a wise practice of self-care to be especially cognizant of the chemicals that are commonly found in commercial versions. A DIY synthetic-free deodorant featuring safe ingredients and essential oils is a great alternative.

Synthetic-free perfume

Why perfume when you’re pregnant? Because it’s something you can wear that will help you feel pretty and sexy at a time when you might be feeling anything but! A perfume oil featuring a natural jojoba base is nourishing and good for your skin, unlike the harsh solvents and drying alcohol found in commercial versions. The jojoba will also slow the evaporation of the oil, creating a more subtle, longer-lasting perfume aroma.

Foot soak

Our feet are particularly vulnerable to the stresses of pregnancy. When they’re tired, sore and swollen we can feel worse all over. Treating yourself to a restful essential oil foot soak can soothe the feet, but it can soothe the whole body and our emotional outlook, too. An added bonus is that a foot soak is easy and relatively inexpensive to make.

Belly butter

Our pregnant bellies expand. The skin over the abdomen pulls, tightens and can feel itchy, which is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to permanent changes in elasticity and tone. Applying soothing essential oils in a softening belly butter nourishes the skin, but it’s also a beautiful exercise of self-care and touch that allows you to focus on yourself and the little life that’s growing within you.

Massage oil

Pregnancy can stress the body. The natural weight gain we experience makes muscles work harder, leading to tiredness and soreness. When you finally do have a moment to lie down and rest, get the most out of the respite with the application of a soothing massage oil blend. A great way to do this is to schedule a prenatal massage and take the massage oil with you.


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