Finding balance and calm with essential oils

Achieving balance and calm with essential oils can be as simple as inhaling a whiff of lavender from the bottle. Learn how to master this simple technique and many more.

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Breathe deep. Inhale for 5 counts. Hold for 1 count. Exhale for 6 counts. Hold for 1 count. Repeat for 1 to 2 minutes, or until you feel calm. Try inhaling a calming oil, like lavender with every few breaths.

Smile. Even if you don't feel like it, make yourself smile and hold that grin for a few moments. Keep a visual like a photograph of something or someone who makes you happy.

Stretch. Sit back or stand up and stretch like you've just climbed out of bed and are starting the day fresh and trouble free. 

Walk. If possible, get up and walk away from the situation that is disrupting you sense of balance and calm. When you physically leave something behind you, you may find that it's easier to leave it behind mentally as well.

Listen. Listening to music, or simply moving your awareness to the sounds in the world around you is an effective way to self-distract your focus from the situation that's upsetting you.

The choices of essential oils that inspire balance and calm extend beyond well-regarded (for good reason) lavender to include scents you may not have thought of, or tried. From the lilting, apple-like scent of Roman chamomile to the exotic, tropical-floral scent of ylang ylang, options that inspire a calm and balanced state abound.

German and Roman chamomiles — sweet-herbal aroma with calming benefits
Clary sage — musk-like, herbal aroma with balancing benefits
Frankincense — fresh, soft, resinous-balsamic aroma with centering, balancing benefits
Geranium — rosy, sweet-herbal aroma with balancing benefits
Helichrysum — herbal, honey-like aroma with calming benefits
Jasmine — intense, sweet-flora aroma with calming benefits.
Lavandin — fresh, herbal aroma with balancing benefits
Lavender — soft, sweet-herbal aroma with calming beneftis
Sandalwood — rich, woody-balsamic aroma with balancing benefits
Sweet marjoram — sweet, earthy-herbal aroma with calming benefits
Myrrh — soft, pleasantly bitter-balsamic scent with balancing benefits
Neroli — sweet, orange blossom-floral scent with calming benefits 
Patchouli — exotic, rich-herbal scent with calming benefits
Rose absolute — intense, deep rose aroma with calming benefits
Rose otto — fresh, strong rose petal scent with calming benefits 
Vetiver — sweet, rooty, balsamic scent with balancing benefits 
Ylang ylang extra and III — intense, tropical/exotic floral scent with calming benefits


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