Essential oils for summer

Gardening, picnicking, swimming and vacationing are just a few of the items on blissfully busy summer to-do schedules. Essential oils provide many ways to prepare for, enhance and recover from all of these seasonal activities. Discover how to use essential oils for summer activities.

Try Quick Tips

To cool down on the go, mist your face with a simple DIY mist made with 2 fluid ounces water and 12 drops peppermint essential oil. 

To cleanse the outdoor air, diffuse citronella essential oil using a candle lamp. 

To freshen up beach towels, dispense a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oil onto the towels. 

To make a summertime skin cooler, combine 12 drops lavender essential oil wit 2 fluid ounces aloe vera gel and smooth onto skin. 

To refresh and rejuvenate, dispense a few drops lemon or peppermint essential oil on a hand fan for a refreshing aromatic breeze. 

Even though citrus essential oils like sweet orange and lemon hail from sunny climes and have a fresh, sweet, summery aroma, using them directly on your skin during exposure to the summer sunshine isn't recommended. Citrus oils, to varying degrees, can increase the skin's susceptibility to the effects of ultraviolet rays. Bergamot and lime essential oils are very risky, lemon and grapefruit essential oils are moderately risky and Mandarin orange, sweet orange and tangerine essential oils are slightly to minimally risky. Bergamot (bergaptene-free) essential oil has undergone a special distillation to reduce the photo-sensitizing compounds it contains, so it is considered safe to use on the skin even when exposed to the sun. The increased sensitivity associated with citrus oils may lead to sunburn and skin damage, so be sure to avoid applying them to your skin if you'll be out in the sunshine. Using citrus essential oils in air fresher mists or diffusion blends is a great way to use them safely on sunny days. 


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