Why and how to use clay for body care





4 steps of hand and foot care



Think beyond simply washing your hands and feet with soap and water. Soaks, salves, scrubs and creams can all be essential hand and foot care applications as part of your body care routine -- and when you add the scents and benefits that essential oils provide to these products, the experience is elevated to a further level of care that's as indulgent as it is basic personal care.


1. Soaking


Taking a bit of time for a soothing foot bath or hand soak provides the bonus applications that make the biggest difference in the way we care for or hands and feet. Soaking in a warm, mineral or oil infused basin of water is not only soothing and relaxing, it softens cuticles, nails, callouses and rough skin. Foot and hand baths are a superb practice for preparing the skin for the cleansing, exfoliation and massage applications to follow.


2. Cleansing


Don't limit your concept of cleansing to soap and water, which doesn't clean the same way as an exfoliating sugar scrub would, for example. Also, you don't have to be a germaphobe to understand that when we touch hundreds of surfaces a day between hand washings, we're vulnerable, and therefore an on the go, waterless, essential oil infused hand cleanser makes perfect, and reasonable sense.


3. Moisturizing


As a follow up to cleansing, or an as needed protecting application, moisturizing is best done with lotions, creams or skin care oils. Mixing up your own homemade moisturizers and scenting them with essential oils is a great alternative to the same old store bought examples you've been using.


4. Massage


The great thing about a soothing hand or foot massage is that you can perform it yourself. By taking a bit more time and manipulating the tissues of the hands and feet, any cleansing or moisturizing application can be turned into a massage. But it's worth taking the time to massage with an essential oil infused massage oil or cream.



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