How to find balance with essential oils for autumn





How to revitalize your shower routine



We go about this task of getting clean on autopilot, jumping into the shower, getting wet, lathering up, rinsing off and jumping out again in as little time as possible. It's unfortunate because showering can and should be about revitalizing your whole body, mind and spirit, and not just the quickest way to get clean. A great way to accomplish this is by adding essential oils to the basic products and normal routine of showering. Essential oils enhance the shower experience with their diverse and beneficial scents which are infused into the warm steam that envelopes and restores your senses. Supplementing your shower with foresty-fresh eucalyptus or cooling, bracing scent of peppermint creates an invigorating experience. While the soft, herbal-sweet scents of lavender or chamomile can calm and sooth.

Incorporating essential oils into your shower routine can be as simple as sprinkling a few drops of essential oil onto the shower floor and letting the hot steam disperse their invigorating aromas. Or you can customize unscented store-bought liquid shower gels, body scrubs, soaps, shampoos and conditioners with your own rotating choice of revitalizing, soothing or purifying essential oils in turn. Finally, take your shower to the highest level of revitalizing potential with your own DIY homemade formulations and products.


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