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How to choose exfoliation ingredients



Choices of clean exfoliation ingredients and carrier oils abound, so choose the most appropriate option for your particular situation and desired benefits.


Exfoliation ingredients 




A gentle alternative to salt, sugar will not disrupt the natural, slightly acidic pH of skin.




A purifying and cleansing exfoliant.


Coffee Grounds


Spent coffee grounds provide a gentle physical exfoliant action and their slightly acidic pH helps preserve the natural pH of skin. Gently activating and energizing.


Ground Almonds


Provide a creamy, granular texture and add a particularly nourishing benefit to scrubs.




Exceptionally calming and soothing addition to scrubs, ground oatmeal is the best choice for people with tender, sensitive skin.




A good choice for any skin type, cornmeal provides a gentle -- but not too gentle -- exfoliation.


Skin care oils


Sweet almond and apricot kernel oils


Great, multi-functional oil carriers for any exfoliant. A good choice for dry skin.


Grapeseed oil


A thinner, more absorbent oil that pairs well with fine grain exfoliants.




High in unsaturated fatty acids and with a thin, absorbent texture a good choice for gentle facial scrubs.


Coconut Oil


The thick, salve-like texture of coconut oil is rich in skin protecting saturated stearic acids and lends itself to extended glide time.


Aloe Vera Gel


A non-oil based alternative, hydrating and soothing. Can't be used with sugar or salt as they well dissolve.


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