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4 steps of DIY hair care



From the roots to the ends, at every opportunity, (and not just in the morning shower), great hair comes from diversifying your approach to include DIY, essential oil based recipes and applications.


Caution: If your hair has been chemically treated, it may be best to forgo these DIY hair treatments until it grows out.


1. Scalp Massage 


An occasional massage with scalp-nourishing argan oil and activating rosemary essential oil is a beneficial supplement to scrubbing with shampoo. Too much shampooing can strip and damage your hair and scalp.


2. Hair Mask 


Though beneficial, that commercial conditioner from a bottle is loaded with extra ingredients that you don't always need such as artificial fragrances and preservatives. Consider an alternative, a super saturating and moisturizing hair mask featuring ripe avocado and lavender essential oil.


3. Hair Rinse 


If your stuck in the shampoo/conditioner pattern, you may find that the effectiveness of your go-to products starts falling short. Or that build-up occurs. Add a weekly clarifying apple cider rinse with lavender and peppermint essential oils for renewal. Also, if you find that too much shampooing is taking it's toll on your hair, try an innovative dry shampoo alternative. This powder based applications absorb impurities and oil which you simply brush away, leaving your hair full, manageable and beautifully scented.


4. Hair Mist 


Finally, take a to-go hair care application with you with a simple essential oil, aloe and hydrating water mist that you can apply and brush through anytime to keep your hair fresh, moisturized and fragrant throughout your day.


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