4 essential oil tips for young parents





4 essential oil tips for young parents



From freshening the air with diffusion, to bath time, to recipes for cleaning up messes, essential oils can inspire calm, centered and clean parenting. Adopt these 5 simple ways to apply essential oils to improve the everyday lives of young parents and children alike.


1. Diffuse and defuse 


Create a relaxed atmosphere that helps both parent and child get through the episodes of exasperation that are an inevitable part of raising children. Diffusing calming, centering and relaxing essential oils can inspire parents to work on patience while kids can chill out to the pleasant aroma. Follow the direcitons incldued with your diffuser for specific use recommendations. 


2. Bubble away trouble 


Make a bath time an enjoyable experience for parents and kids. Adding the fun and lively scents of essential oils to the bubbles of tub time can take any trouble out this chore.


3. Clean up 


Make clean up easier with homemade cleaning products that use essential oils like lemon eucalyptus and tea tree. 


4. Win the bedtime battle 


Inspire calm before bedtime with a gentle diffusion blend featuring calming, relaxing and reassuring essential oils like lavender and chamile. Follow the directions included with your diffuser for speciifc use recommendations. 


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