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root chakra

The root chakra, known as the Muladhara in sanskrit, helps you establish a life-nourishing bond with the natural world, while minimizing the de-humanizing elements of the often frantic undergrounded pace of modern life.

Location Base of spine
Sanskrit Name Muladhara
Color Red
# of Petals 4
Element Earth
Mantra Lam
Mind intuition
Emotion confidence
Spirit survival

7 ways to balance the root chakra

Learn how to achieve a balanced root chakra that connects you with strong earth forces through the use of seven distinct methodologies.

1. aromatherapy

Suggested oils to support the root chakra include;

2. yoga/physical exercises

  • Connect with the earth.
  • Take a walk and step with confidence.
  • Do some squats.
  • Focus on yoga poses that help to ground, stabilize and connect: head-to-knee, standing forward bend.

3. sensory therapy

The root chakra is associated with our sense of smell. Aromatherapy is a great way to engage your sense of smell.

4. meditation

Meditate outside, sitting on the ground.

5. sound therapy

The grounding sound associations with muladhara are:

  • Keynote: C
  • Frequency: 256 Hz.
  • Mantra: Lam
  • Elemental Sound: thunder/quaking earth

6. color therapy

The root chakra is associated with the color red. Wear red to encourage energetic balance and liveliness.

7. crystals and gemstones

Bloodstone, obsidian, onyx, hematite, tigers eye

root chakra balancing yoga poses & meditation practices

These yoga postures will help you ground, stabilize and connect.

root chakra yoga poses

head-to-knee forward bend (Janu Sirsasana)

(JAH-new shear-SHAHS-anna)

janu = knee

sirsa = head

Other recommended root chakra poses:

standing forward bend (Uttanasana)

Root Chakra Meditation

root chakra meditation

Consider doing this simple meditation outside, sitting on the ground. It is important to connect with the earth for this practice. This is also an excellent practice to do in the morning.

view full meditation

listen to the recording of the guided meditation here:

root chakra aromatherapy recipes

root chakra grounding foot massage oil

grounding foot massage oil recipe

This is a great oil for stimulating the reflex points of your feet or for a general soothing foot massage. It leaves the recipient both grounded and balanced.

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root chakra grounding mist

grounding mist

The aroma of this earthy-sweet mist will realign your root chakra with the natural world.

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grounding root organic chakra roll-on

Renew balance with this earthy blend of organic essential oils featuring grounding vetiver and warming nutmeg.

Suggested Uses:

Roll on essence to pulse points. Inhale. Nurture your root chakra; apply behind the knees and on the wrist.

Grounding Root Chakra Balancing Roll-on