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crown chakra elevating perfume oil recipe

crown chakra elevating perfume oil recipe

This blend of inspiring oils is elevating to mind, body and spirit.


  • 4 drops Frankincense Precious Essentials™ oil
  • 5 drops Neroli Precious Essentials™ oil
  • 4 drops Tasmanian lavender Precious Essentials™ oil


Combine oils. As they are in a base of jojoba oil, no need to further dilute. This recipe can be worn as a personal essence or body oil prior to meditation. Re-apply as desired.

enlightening crown organic chakra roll-on

Renew balance with this smoky, sweet blend of organic essentials oils featuring meditative frankincense and soothing neroli.

Suggested Uses:

Roll on essence to pulse points. Inhale. Nurture your crown chakra; apply behind the ears and at the base of the skull. Pleasing aroma for daily use as a perfume.

Enlightening Crown Chakra Balancing Roll-on