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Chakra Aromatherapy

Creating balance between mind, body and spirit isn't always easy. It takes conscious effort, focus and practice.

We created seven methods to help you restore balance to your chakras, as well as to your everyday life. These simple methods can be used in a regular, personal balancing practice.

how to use aromatherapy to balance your 7 chakras

Essential oils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. Pure essential oils, like precious jewelry or fine wine, are gems of nature — the quintessential life force of aromatic plants, sometimes called the "soul" of the plant.

They can help you connect mind, body and spirit and restore balance within your seven chakras to nurture your daily life. Only 100% pure essential oils provide true aromatherapy benefits.

Check out the suggested essential oils for each chakra.

chakra balancing aromatherapy recipes

Incorporating essential oils into a chakra-focused ritual is an easy and fun way to connect mind, body and spirit. Try out these featured recipes, designed to balance individual chakras.

root chakra recipes

root chakra grounding foot massage oil

grounding foot massage oil

Connect to earth through the reflex points of your feet.

root chakra stabilizing meditation diffusion

stabilizing meditation diffusion

Focus further on safety and security.

sacral chakra recipes

Sacral Chakra Sensual Bath Recipe

sensual bath

Awaken your sensual self.

Sacral Chakra Stimulating Sacral Body Scrub

uplifting body scrub

Ignite inner confidence and healthy desire.

solar plexus chakra recipes

Solar Plexus Chakra Empowering Perfume Oil Recipe

empowering perfume oil

Inspire confidence and stability.

Solar Plexus Chakra Uplifing Lemon Blend Recipe

inspiring diffusion

Conjure courage at a moment's notice.

heart chakra recipes

Heart Chakra Uplifing Support Diffusion Recipe

opening support diffusion

Open your heart and receive universal love.

Heart Chakra Bath Blend Recipe

nourishing bath

Indulge the body and engage the emotions.

throat chakra recipes

Throat Chakra Revitalizing Mineral Bath Recipe

revitalizing mineral bath

Sit, soak and revitalize.

Throat Chakra Self Expression Mist Recipe

self-expression mist

Sharpen your speaking and communication skills.

third eye chakra recipes

Third Eye Chakra Simple Mental Soother Recipe

simple soother massage oil

Pacify your third eye.

Third Eye Chakra Fresh Sweet Perfume Recipe

sweet perfume oil

Expand your intuition and your influence.

crown chakra recipes

Crown Chakra Transcending Crown Blend Recipe

elevating perfume oil

Elevate your mind, body and spirit.

Crown Chakra Meditative Temple Massage Recipe

meditative temple massage

Connect to the universal consciousness.

Aura Cacia Chakra Balancing Roll-ons

organic chakra balancing aromatherapy roll-ons

Balance your chakras, balance your life.

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