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Winter Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

5 Winter Essential Oil Blend Recipes

The holidays are just around the corner, and diffusing essential oils is a great way to bring the holiday cheer into your home. Use the aromas of conifers, citrus, spices and mints to create a cozy and festive atmosphere during the cold winter months.

The Aura Cacia Holiday Essential Oil Kit takes the guesswork out of blending for you by providing three essential oils to get you into the holiday spirit: pine, sweet peppermint and cinnamon leaf. Add 4 drops of pine and two drops of peppermint to your diffuser for a crisp, cheering blend, or 3 drops of pine and one drop of cinnamon for a warming, campfire-like feeling.

Try these additional holiday diffuser blends to infuse your home with the aromas of festive days and quiet winter nights:


Dashing through the Snow

Diffuse this crisp, wintry blend and imagine you are riding through the fresh snow in a horse-drawn sleigh (while staying warm and cozy in your own home!)

Candy Cane

Few things are as reminiscent of the holiday season as peppermints and candy canes.  Diffuse this blend of sweet peppermint and vanilla to enjoy the aroma of candy canes without the all the sugar!


Winter Chai

Snuggle up with a warm blanket, a good book and the spicy aroma of delicious chai tea with this Winter Chai diffusion.  Perfect for a cozy afternoon inside on a cold winter day!


Quiet Forest

One of the most wonderful things about the winter season is the peaceful stillness- walking through the forest, seeing your breath, making new footprints in the fresh snow, and inhaling the rich, magical smell of conifers.  Welcome that serene stillness into your home with this forest-inspired diffusion.


Fireside Story

Nothing beats sitting in front of the crackling fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or tea on a cold winter's night.  This diffusion recipe helps capture that thick, intoxicating smell of a wood fire- perfect for those of us who don't have a fireplace!


Essential oils are the perfect way to build the holiday atmosphere in and around your home this season.  Looking for some great ideas for holiday gifts? Check out Aura Cacia's Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Try your hand at making some DIY Aromatherapy Gifts this year- handmade gifts really show how much you care!