Why I Exercise to Feel Strong, Powerful and Confident


When my fitness journey began, I was primarily concerned with the number on the scale, what size my clothes were, and maintaining a “fit” image on social media.



Over time, these quantitative measures have become less important, and the qualitative benefits of fitness are what have kept me going. For me, regular exercise is about moving my body in ways that make me feel strong, powerful, and confident. Having exercise as a tool to help build myself up instead of breaking my body down has made me a healthier, happier person.


Authored by Les Alfred, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.  You can find Les at The Balanced Berry.


This inspiring post lived on Aura Cacia’s Noteworthy site while it was in existence.  The name “Noteworthy” was inspired by the three aroma notes – top, middle and base – found in essential oils. When these three notes come together they create a beautiful, balanced synergy.  Noteworthy was full of contributions by real women aspiring to create a beautiful, balanced synergy in their own lives – and the lives of others.  We are pleased we could continue to share this post to our aromatherapy community.


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