Creating A Home That Feeds Your Soul


To me, my home is a true sanctuary. It is a respite from the world – the place where I can be myself completely and completely at ease.


My home is the place where the most meaningful moments of my life take place. I see it as a state of being – a place of being – rather than just a physical space because my home is where the people I love most reside. In order for it to generate and support the kind of living that I like, I seek to make it a place where I enjoy existing on every level. It is no one else’s dream home by any measure, but it is most definitely the space that feeds my soul. It is what I put into it.

To create this version of home where I currently reside, I thought about the things that matter the most to me. What makes a big difference in my daily life is atmosphere, ambiance and aroma – not living in a space too full of ‘stuff’ that distracts from the actual living that needs to take place. So, I put pen to paper and made a list of spaced-related things I needed most for daily happiness:

  • A fireplace
  • A bathtub (not just a shower)
  • Good natural light
  • Access to the places I need to go
  • Space to hang outdoors with my family, but nothing too overwhelming or time consuming


There were several other elements that support the life I want to live with my family, and support their  endeavors, as well – but the above needs stood out.

Heart and soul

Next, I thought about what I need to live in a place that feeds my soul. This consideration helped me visualize how my home can be a place that allows for many things.

  • Space for meditation and prayer
  • Room to practice yoga and dance with my little girls
  • Space for creativity and art and for active play
  • A couch that my entire family can snuggle together on
  • A connection to nature – natural light, green plants, a fireplace to comfort us on cool days
  • Cozy bedding, blankets and throws and lots of cushions and pillows
  • Inspiring photographs, books and music in every room


Essential oils throughout my home tie it all together. They set a calm and groovy kind of vibe that I like to thrive in every single day. I have a diffuser for most rooms of my home and frequently set the aromatic tone depending on the needs of my family.



Authored by:  Authored by:  Charlynn Avery - Aura Cacia Aromatherapist & Sr. Wellness Education Manager and Wellness Lifestyle Enthusiast

This inspiring post lived on Aura Cacia’s Noteworthy site while it was in existence.  The name “Noteworthy” was inspired by the three aroma notes – top, middle and base – found in essential oils. When these three notes come together they create a beautiful, balanced synergy.  Noteworthy was full of contributions by real women aspiring to create a beautiful, balanced synergy in their own lives – and the lives of others.  We are pleased we could continue to share this post to our aromatherapy community.


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