What is a Hydrosol? Benefits & Uses


What is a hydrosol?

A hydrosol is an aromatic water created as a natural by-product when the leaves, fruits, barks, roots, and flowers of plants are distilled to produce essential oils. Aura Cacia Hydrosols share many of the same properties as essential oils and the plants they were created from, but they are much less concentrated and tend to have a gentler, more subtle aroma.  When using a hydrosol you get the skin supporting benefits and delicious floral aroma of an essential oil that can be used directly on the skin without dilution.


How are Hydrosols Made?

Hydrosols are made during the steam distillation process that is used to extract essential oils from plants. During steam distillation, the roots, barks, leaves, fruits, or flowers from plants that are rich in aromatic compounds known as volatile or essential oils are placed into a steam distillery. In the distillery the plant material is exposed to hot steam, which causes the plants to release those volatile oils (think brewing a cup of hot tea and inhaling the aroma of the tea in the steam rising from the cup- there are essential oils in that steam!).  The steam carrying the volatile oils is funneled into a separate section of the distilling apparatus called a condenser.

The condensing chamber is cold, which causes the steam to condense back into a liquid composed of volatile oils and water. The volatile oils are skimmed off to make essential oil, and the water that is left over is what we call a hydrosol.


Hydrosol Uses

Easy to incorporate into a busy life, hydrosols can be used in a variety of ways. They deliver the aroma of the plant and are kind to fabrics and skin. Take them along in your purse or gym bag, keep one in the car, and make great use of the many fantastic benefits of hydrosols.

  • Garment refreshing spray - lightly spray chamomile on clothes before washing (avoid delicate fabrics)
  • Face mist - mist face and body with rose for a lightweight moisturizer (avoid contact with eyes)
  • Body spritz - mist geranium to refresh under arms or body
  • Hair mist - mist your hair with lavender to hydrate and lightly fragrance
  • Make-up remover - spray neroli on a cotton pad to remove make-up

If you enjoy making your own skin-care products like salves and creams, hydrosols are a perfect addition to your ingredient lineup. Skin creams are a blend of oil-based and water-based ingredients, with emulsifying agents like beeswax and glycerin. Rather than using distilled water in your cream like most recipes call for, you can use an equal amount of hydrosol, giving your cream the added aroma and skin care benefit of that hydrosol.


What to Look For in a Hydrosol Product

It's important to make sure that the product you're using is a true hydrosol- often times companies will just blend essential oils with water and label them as 'hydrosols,' or sell products that have been scented with 'fragrances' which means synthetic compounds. Be sure to check the ingredients and look for the following key features to ensure you're getting the highest quality hydrosol:

  • Look for the words 'flower water' or 'hydrosol' on the product, indicating that it was produced from the essential oil distillation process.  For example Aura Cacia Geranium Hydrosol lists Pelargonium graveolens (geranium) flower water as the primary ingredient
  • Check other ingredients: hydrosols will need some clean preservatives, such as alcohol, to help them remain shelf-stable, but be sure that there are no fragrance oils or essential oils listed
  • Proper storage: like essential oils, hydrosols should always be stored and sold in dark colored glass bottles.  Dark bottles provide protection from light exposure that can alter and degrade the quality of the hydrosol


Aura Cacia Hydrosol Products and Benefits

These ready-to-use floral sprays deliver the benefits of essential oils in a single, sweeping spray. Each hydrosol is free of synthetic fragrance and gently preserved to ensure its safe use. They are perfect for boosting hydration on your skin, and are ideal in the place of other toners that have harsh additives and preservatives.

Let's learn a little bit more about each!

Lavender – a soft & light floral

  • Aroma: Soft, sweet, floral
  • Benefit: Soothing
  • Quick use: To soothe and calm, mist face and body

Rose – a romantic & heady floral 

  • Aroma: Rich, radiant, floral
  • Benefit: Renewing
  • Quick use: To refresh and renew, mist face and body

Neroli a soft & sweet floral

  • Aroma: Citrusy, sweet, floral
  • Benefit: Uplifting
  • Quick use: To refresh and uplift, mist over face and body

Geranium a warm & balancing floral

  • Aroma: Rose-like, leafy top note, minty undertones
  • Benefit: Balancing
  • Quick use: To refresh and balance, mist face and body


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