Finding My True Makeup


I have a scar on my right eyebrow from two childhood accidents that took place at different times in my life.

I also have a skin condition that I got bullied about relentlessly when I was in 7th grade. I didn’t like myself and cried all the time and wished I could just be normal like everybody else. I still have those feelings, but I’ve learned that we all have our stories. Nobody is perfect, and no one is normal.

Why do we choose to cover up our true selves with makeup, hiding the things that make us unique? Take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror, and point out the things that you love about yourself. 

I love makeup, but let’s be clear – I am so over the “I’m so perfect, my life is so perfect” façade. Here’s my story… thanks for watching.



Authored by Angela Jones, blogger, vlogger, aesthetician and holistic skincare enthusiast.


This inspiring post lived on Aura Cacia’s Noteworthy site while it was in existence.  The name “Noteworthy” was inspired by the three aroma notes – top, middle and base – found in essential oils. When these three notes come together they create a beautiful, balanced synergy.  Noteworthy was full of contributions by real women aspiring to create a beautiful, balanced synergy in their own lives – and the lives of others.  We are pleased we could continue to share this post to our aromatherapy community.


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