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Winter Skincare Recipes

Head-to-Toe Winter Skincare Tips

Cold, dry weather can wreak havoc on skin, leaving it dull, dry, chapped and itchy (yikes). In fact, it's right about halfway through winter that your skin can reach its peak dryness. So now's the perfect time to rejuvenate your skin with a head-to-toe regimen that includes chemical-free, nourishing emollients and, of course, essential oils.

Here are our favorite head-to-toe skincare recipes:

Shampoo for Dry Scalp

Dry Scalp Shampoo

A dry scalp can be more than just unsightly. It can cause itching, dandruff and even some hair loss. A key ingredient in this nourishing homemade shampoo is superb skin-nourishing carrot seed oil, which helps balance and heal dry skin. We added lavender, rosemary, sandalwood and palmarosa essential oil for a calming, yet stimulating, fresh scent. Be sure to make this with your favorite unscented natural shampoo!

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Dry Skin Cleansing & Nourishing Oil

Cleansing Oil

This skin-nourishing and cleansing oil starts with jojoba — a carrier oil that's known for its skin balancing and fortifying benefits. We then added macadamia oil, which is a wonderful oil for creating a long-lasting sheen of superior skin-protective emolliance. Macadamia is also a go-to oil for protecting skin during dry winter months, or anytime skin is exposed to the weathering effects of outdoor activities. Carrot seed essential oil and Rose Absolute add further skin nourishment and a fresh, floral scent.

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Cocoa Butter Wintertime Body Moisturizer

Body Butter

Ah, cocoa butter. A natural emollient, it forms a protective barrier over the skin to prevent loss of moisture. This body butter recipe combines the aromatherapy benefits of comforting, sensual vanilla with sweet almond oil for a moisturizing formula your skin will love!

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Tamanu Lavender Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Chock full of skin-loving, all-natural ingredients, this shaving cream will glide smoothly on your skin, help your razor do its job and leave you smelling amazing. It combines skin-balancing and nourishing cocoa butter, plus tamanu, sweet almond and lavender essential oils. You'll never need to buy processed shaving cream again!

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Soothing Tamanu Foot Oil

Foot Oil

Pamper your feet into mid-summer smooth with this versatile foot oil. It combines the skin-nourishing qualities of tamanu oil with tea tree, peppermint and sandalwood. So it's sure to put more spring in your step and make your feet feel and smell incredible.

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DIY Moisture Mist

Moisture Mist

Create your own premium skincare product with this oil-free aloe, coriander and orange-flower moisture mist. It's great to carry with you to apply a calming mist of refreshment whenever and wherever needed.

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DIY Hand Salve

Hand Salve

The secret to this salve's comforting power is the calendula and lavender flower infusion of the apricot kernel oil.

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DIY Sugar Scrub Bar

Sugar Scrub Bar

Sugar scrub bars are a non-drippy alternative to oil-based sugar scrubs, and they yield all the same great benefits. This version incorporates the fresh and invigorating benefits of rosemary and lemon.

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DIY Hand & Body Scrub

Hand & Body Scrub

Cocao nibs yield the raw, unrefined cocoa butter they contain when they're crushed and warmed for this energizing hand and body scrub. Pure vanilla oil adds a comforting aroma.

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DIY Hand & Foot Dip

Hand & Foot Dip

This parafin-free wax dip is infused with real rose petals and calming lavender oil. The penetrating warmth of a hand or foot dip is a particularly relaxing way to enjoy the luxurious benefits of roses and lavender.

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Winter Skincare Tips

  1. Long, hot showers and strong cleansers dry the skin. Take shorter, more tepid showers during the winter months and switch to a cleanser formulated with a moisturizer. Sprinkle 12 drops of essential oil on the shower floor for a pleasant aroma while showering.
  2. Dry air = dry skin. Invest in a humidifier. Or simmer a pot of water on the stove. Or simply fill a spray bottle with pure water and mist the air. Add 6 drops of essential oil per oz. of water to create a pleasing scent while you humidify.
  3. Retain skin moisture by applying a light skincare oil such as grapeseed, sesame or jojoba to wet skin after cleansing and patting dry. Add 6 drops gentle lavender, chamomile or geranium to each ounce of skincare oil.
  4. Consider a soap-free cleansing method. Choose from a sugar and oil scrub, sugar scrub bar or an oil cleansing method.
  5. Wrap up! Protect exposed skin with gloves, scarf, leggings and a hat whenever venturing outdoors. Keep gloves fresh by tucking a handkerchief sprinkled with 6 drops of your favorite essential oil into each glove.

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