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Season of the Sensory

The smells, sights, sounds and even flavors of this time of year are a feast for the senses. Yet, as exhilarating as holiday traditions and the autumn season are, they can quickly overwhelm our lives. Below, our aromatherapists offer ideas for being present and enjoying both the holidays and the everyday.

Replace frustration with gratitude

The start of the annual hectic holiday siege is upon us and the looming prospects of obligatory spending, entertaining, cooking, gifting and delivering on the mountain of expectations gets the frustration building in our worried psyches. Yet, nothing makes us happier than expressing gratitude to the people we love, and we think a perfect holiday season will perfectly provide such an opportunity.

But perfection is an unrealistic goal, and that’s where disappointment sets in. A more realistic goal is to accept the imperfection and concentrate on feeling and expressing your love and appreciation for the important people in your life rather than merely demonstrating your love with purchases.

This simple meditative candle lamp aromatherapy diffusion will root you in happiness for the coming months and set you on a path to focus your holiday season on gratitude — rather than frustration and resentment.

Stabilizing Gratitude Meditation Diffusion



Add 1/4 cup water to the lamp and then add the oils, light candle.

Embrace autumn with essential oils

Outside of the hurried holiday season, the changes that autumn brings can be linked to specific aromas that connect the natural world to our daily experiences. Sensory rituals using essential oils - like creating blends for home scenting – are subtle prompts to be in the moment.

Although there is so much more to these precious oils than just their aromas, the aromas are the perfect catalyst to assist in the ability to stop and focus. In aromatherapy, we can create blends to conjure the experience of being outdoors.

Spicy aromas are perfect this time of year. Think about oils like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg to invite warmth and connection into our homes this particular season. These aromas connect us to the earth and remind us of the bounty of the harvest. The scents tickle the nose and we find the spices we use to bake our favorite foods can also be used in oil form to create an air freshener that can bring comfort to any space.

An example of a blend to create the autumn experience indoors:

Balancing Citrus and Spice Aromatherapy Air Freshener



Mix oils and water in a 32-ounce mister bottle. Shake well and use to mist the air throughout your home.

Engage your senses. Be present. Enjoy this most beautiful time of year.


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