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Getting Personal

You can create a very special gift for someone you love with a "Personal Touch" basket that will give you time alone together to enhance the romantic feelings you share. Whether you're a new couple or have celebrated 20, 30, 40 or more years together, this is a gift that will warm the heart and soul of your relationship. A great start for a Personal Touch Basket is an Aura Cacia massage product, such as Heart Song Massage Oil (from the Body Oils collection) or Sensual Jasmine Massage Oil (from the Precious Essentials line). To set the perfect mood, you might also want to toss in a couple of candles, a bottle of nice red wine, some chocolate truffles, and a romantic CD. Still have kids at home? Make your gift to your partner complete by arranging for the children to spend a night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so you'll have your own special evening at home all to yourselves.

Ultimate Bath Basket

There may be nothing quite so relaxing as a long, hot soak in the tub, and Aura Cacia has an aromatherapy bath salt to suit every mood! For an irresistible bath experience, choose from Aura Cacia's vast array of Aromatherapy Bath Products. Mineral Baths, Organic Dead Sea Bath Salts, Aromatherapy Foam Baths, Kid's Foam Baths, Therapeutic Bath Salts and, for those who prefer showers, Body Washes). Looking for a great gift for Mom? Arrange for her to have a little time alone in a soothing aromatherapy bath.

Life Sox

Aura Cacia Essential SolutionsAdd a little humor to your gift-giving with a "life sox." Purchase a nice pair of socks and tuck a bottle of one of Aura Cacia's Essential Solutions aromatherapy blends inside each one. Essential Solutions are designed to help us deal healthfully and positively with life's little stressors.

With fun names like Chill Pill*, Mellow Mix and Panic Button (to calm emotions and de-fuse stress), Creative Juice (to inspire and nurture creativity), Gray Matter Batter (to calm anxieties and stress), Pep Talk (to refresh and stimulate the senses), Pillow Potion (to help you relax when you finally get to bed), and Love Potion (no explanation needed), Essential Solutions make great inexpensive gifts that everyone is sure to enjoy long after the holidays are over. Add a little card that says, "Life Sox--solutions inside" and you've transformed an ordinary pair of socks into something special and fun. You can add an Aura Cacia Heart-Shaped or Star-Shaped terra cotta diffuser to help the recipient reap the benefits of your gift.

*Chill Pill is used under license


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