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Calming the Commute

Essential Solutions for Natural Car Cleaning

You probably spend a lot of time commuting to and fro in your car. Make the experience more endurable by following this list of easy tips to maintain a naturally clean auto. Then, try these simple car care recipes featuring Aura Cacia Essential Solutions essential oil blends and natural ingredients to help you feel as good as your vehicle looks.

Tips for a naturally clean car:

  • Good habit: Take any trash with you each time you exit your car or hang a small trash bag inside and empty it weekly.
  • Discreet odor absorbers: Fill drawstring bags with equal parts baking soda and activated charcoal granules. Tuck in ashtrays, in door pockets and under seats to absorb odors. Replace every few weeks.
  • Scratch-free washing: Rinse car thoroughly, then gently scrub with a new dust mop and ΒΌ cup additive-free baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid per scrub bucket of hot water. Follow up with another thorough rinse and shammy.
  • Clear hazy light covers: Buff with a natural toothpaste to turn them sparklingly clear again.
  • Tip-top washer blades: If blades are sound but still smearing the windshield, wipe with rubbing alcohol or vinegar to remove road grime.
  • Rid windshield of smears and grime naturally: Spray with a solution of 3 parts white vinegar, 1 part distilled water.
  • Sparkling windows: Crumple newspapers until soft then use to buff windows after washing.
  • Natural car air freshener: Make your own car air freshener with essential oils to hang in place of one with synthetic fragrances.

Calm Commute Recipes

Click on the images to view the recipes.

All-Purpose Car Cleaning Wipes
Car Carpet Cleaning Powder
Car Window Cleaner
Clean Car Air Freshening Mist

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