Natural Halloween Scents from Aura Cacia

Halloween Treats. Give your sense of smell a treat this Halloween season. No fancy tricks are required — just use spice and fruit essential oils to evoke the harvest season and home-baked goodies from a cozy heart-warming kitchen.

Spice Oils
Clove Bud
Fruit Oils
Sweet Orange

The oils in the following recipes are only suggestions. Feel free to improvise with other spice and fruit oils to your liking.

OrangeFruit & Spice Potpourri
Set out a bowl of aromatic spice and citrus botanicals instead of candy. Indulge with your eyes and nose rather than your appetite.

1 cup mixed whole cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks
2 cups fragrant orange rind peelings
10 drops each of sweet orange, clove & cassia essential oil

Directions: Sprinkle spices and orange rind with oils and arrange in a festive glass bowl.

Coriander Seed and Ginger Essential OilsWhimsical Ghost Sachet
¼ cup whole fennel seeds
¼ cup whole black peppercorns
10 drops each coriander seed and ginger essential oil
12” x 12” square of fabric (tear up an old white cotton sheet)
8” strand of ribbon or twine

Directions: Sprinkle spices with oils and toss well. Place spices in center of fabric square and draw up the corners to form a ball. Tie with ribbon or string and paint or draw a spooky face. Thread with monofilament to hang your aromatic ghost sachet. Make lots and enjoy!

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Clove Bud Essential OilClove bud essential oil is distinct from the more common clove oil, which may be distilled primarily from clove leaves and/or broken and rejected bits of stem from the familiar kitchen spice. Whole cloves are the dried, unopened flower buds of a tropical tree and the oil they contain possesses a more complete array of aroma constituents than the leaf or stems alone. Plain clove leaf and stem has a one-note, medicinal eugenol scent. Good clove bud essential oil will have suave floral, fruity nuances and a pleasant dough-like note.

Aromatherapy: Clove bud contains the constituent eugenol. The spicy, familiar aroma of pure clove bud oil calls to mind baked goods and evokes feelings of comfort and security associated with home.

Home Care: Add a few drops to drains or garbage disposal to purify and deodorize.

Warming Comfort Clove Bud Body Rub
2 drops clove bud essential oil
2 drops ginger essential oil
2 drop sweet orange essential oil
1 oz grapeseed oil

Combine oils and massage into muscles & joints

Clove Bud & Rose Heart-warming Diffusion
3 tablespoons water
9 drops clove bud essential oil
1 drop rose otto or rose absolute oil
candle lamp diffuser

Mix ingredients. Place in the well of a candle lamp. Light candle to release subtle aromatherapy effects.

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