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Place an order on our website now through July 31st and receive a 0.5 oz. bottle of Tea Tree Essential Oil (retail value: $8.99) absolutely FREE*!

The spicy, clean, medicinal aroma of tea tree oil is a natural and effective antimicrobial that you can easily incorporate into the routines of everyday living. It can be used by the drop directly on the skin to cleanse and purify.

* while supplies last. Offer applies to our retail website and retail customers only.

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Summertime Aromatherapy Care

With more outdoor activity during the long days of summer, you may encounter situations where the fun can be compromised by too much sun, overworked muscles or those ubiquitous, pesky bugs. Aromatherapy treatments utilizing the purity of essential oils are easy to add to your personal care regime during busy summertime fun. Such treatments are also safer and more natural than synthetic commercial products. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy makes summertime care easy!

Lavender Harvest Massage OilEnjoy a day at the beach -- and the evening after.

It’s common sense to always apply a sunscreen when spending any time out in the sun, even if you have a dark complexion or “never burn.” Select a simple, unscented sunscreen with an SPF number of at least 30. Choose a product that is formulated with natural plant oils and butters, like coconut or shea. Avoid those containing mineral oil and/or synthetic fragrance. Before application of the sunscreen, add 2-3 drops of skin-nourishing lavender essential oil. For after-sun care, use hydrating lavender mist and a soothing lavender-based body oil.

Spending time in the garden.

Soothing Heat Mineral BathGardening and yard work are important activities of summer. Whether you’re pushing the mower, planting flowers or weeding a patch of veggies, too often you can end up overdoing it and suffer the consequences. Just remember, easy does it: Put in sound-dampening ear plugs and take your time…think of your work as a meditation. Bend from the knees, don’t stoop. Keep your tummy firm and remember that your midsection needs to support and protect your spine. Stand-up, stretch and take short breaks every so often.

End your day of hard work with a warm and soothing mineral bath soak, followed by a protecting body cream treat.

Aura Cacia Renewing Rose SpritzFind relief during outdoor entertaining.

Insects are just a part of nature and there’s no sense in letting them bother you. Aromatherapy offers a way to live in harmony with the natural presence of gnats and mosquitoes by helping to keep them at bay -- and it’s much better karma than obliterating the pests with toxic chemicals. Create a patio-protecting spray by adding several drops of Aura Cacia Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus essential oils to Aura Cacia Renewing Rose or Comforting Vanilla Spritz products. Shake and spritz in a wide circle around the area of summertime activity.

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Face massage

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Face massage


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Cooling foot soak


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Aura Cacia Citronella essential oilCitronella is a tropical grass, and the essential oil distilled from it is rich in the constituents citronellal and citronellol. These pungent,
lemon-like aroma chemicals have a well-documented ability to repel biting insects… especially mosquitoes and lice. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency lists citronella oil as a nontoxic bio-pesticide. The constituents in citronella oil are also present in geranium and rose, so all of these essential oils blend together nicely.

We suggest this mixture, which includes the addition of a slow-diffusing (fixative) essential oil such as cedarwood, sandalwood or patchouli to help extend the effectiveness of citronella oil -- reducing the amount and frequency of reapplication.

Skin-Protecting Citronella Oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil
10 drops citronella essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops Texas or Atlas cedarwood oil
2 drops geranium or Bourbon geranium essential oil
1 drop rose otto or rose absolute oil

Mix ingredients. Smooth over exposed skin as needed.

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