Create a healthy Spring break with aromatherapy

Turn Spring Break from a hedonistic beach ritual into a more healthy exercise of mental and physical recalibration. Each of us deserves a break after surviving the long, wearying winter. And whether you travel to some exotic climate, or arrange for some stay-at-home downtime, these applications are sure to help melt away winter woes.

What essential oils are best for crafting your personal spring break ritual? Well, any of the cheerful, fresh and sunny citrus oils, including: lemon, lime, sweet orange, tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot orange and Mandarin orange. Three precious flower oils that are also associated with sunny subtropical climates are jasmine, neroli (orange blossom) and ylang ylang essences. Jasmine is exotic and sensual, while neroli has the power to ease anxiety, and ylang ylang helps to calm and relax.

A Float on the Ocean Aromatherapy Bath Experience. This recipe evokes the therapeutic effect of bobbing in ocean waves right in your own tub. If you have traveled to the beach, this is a wonderful bath treatment to nourish and soothe the skin after a day spent in sun and surf.

1/2 cup sea salt
1/2 cup baking soda
1/4 cup jojoba or grapeseed oil
2-3 bags of green tea
20 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops grapefruit essential oil
10 drops sweet orange essential oil

Mix salt, baking soda, jojoba or grapeseed and essential oils, pour in bath. Float tea bags in bath and soak away your worries.

Toes in the Sand Foot Scrub. A sandy beach and a soak in the ocean naturally combine to smooth and renew feet and toes. This scrub made with sugar granules and jojoba oil replicates the effect of wet sand. If you are traveling to Spring Break getaway, this is a fine treatment to get your feet looking their best before you don the flip flops for your beach debut.

1/2 cup sugar granules
1 tablespoon sweet almond oil
15 drops tangerine essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil

Combine sugar, sweet almond and essential oils. Mix thoroughly and massage into feet, concentrating on toes, heels and soles. Rinse the sugar away with warm water and massage remaining oil into feet until absorbed. Tip: Do the foot scrub after a long soak in the bath to enhance exfoliation.

Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter. Here's a great after-sun body treatment to give your skin a healthy, nourishing glow. Apply just before a night on the town – you'll look your best and the aroma is divine.

1 cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
35 drops mandarin orange essential oil
5 drops jasmine absolute oil

Using a table fork, cream together coconut, jojoba and essential oils. Apply as a massage in gentle circular motions over entire body. Tip: Wonderful as an after shower moisturizer.

Citrus & Orange Blossom Aromatherapy Diffusion. Invoke the heady aroma of an evening breeze wafting through a flowering grove of citrus trees with this delightful diffusion.

4 drops lemon essential oil
5 drops bergamot orange essential oil
1 drop neroli essential oil
1/4 cup water
1 aromatherapy candle lamp

Place water in bowl of lamp, add essential oils, light candle and allow to diffuse for 15-20 minutes.

Whether you are traveling to a sunny beach for your spring break vacation or just trying to create a little sunshine during a stay at home version, these unique aromatherapy tips using Aura Cacia 100% pure essential oils will help you make the most of your escape.

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Fennel essential oilWarm, sweet, spicy, and licorice-like all describe the delightful, almost euphoric aroma of fennel essential oil. The licorice-like component is due to one of the constituents of fennel oil known as anethol that is also present in anise seed oil. Anethol is used to flavor licorice candy and confections, and so we think of fennel as licorice-scented, when in fact we should really think of licorice as fennel-scented! Fennel essential oil is distilled from the seeds. The aroma benefits are uplifting, reassuring and cheering.

Sweet Bliss, Fennel & Tangerine Diffusion
1 ounce water
4 drops fennel essential oil
3 drops tangerine essential oil

Place ingredients in the bowl of an Aura Cacia candle lamp diffuser. Light candle.

Rose & Fennel Protecting Mist
Folk traditions use fennel to purge negative energy and ward off evil influences.

4 ounces bottled or distilled water
12 drops fennel essential oil
3 drops geranium essential oil
3 drops rose absolute oil or rose otto essential oil
Small spray bottle or atomizer

Place ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously and lightly mist throughout room.

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