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The sensual intoxication of breathing in the rich and exotic aromas of certain essential oils is very much like the emotional high of being head over heels in love. This Valentine’s day renew, revive and regenerate your emotional core by indulging in a love affair with aromatherapy. These essential oils are guaranteed to be less fattening than a box of chocolates and free of any emotional baggage!

Suggested oils: Rose Otto, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Vetiver, Mandarin Orange.

Sink into a bath tub filled with this luxurious Red Roses and Jasmine Soak. The mix will ease away tension and provide a gentle emotional uplift.

1 generous heap of fresh, torn rose petals.
½ cup Epsom salt
1 tablespoon sodium bicarbonate
3-4 tablets (crushed) or 1 tablespoon of citric acid crystals
12 drops mandarin orange essential oil
3 drops jasmine absolute oil
3 drops rose otto or rose absolute oil

Mix oils with salts and dissolve into bath. Strew the bath with rose petals. Light candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and sink into bliss. Tip: Dissolve in some of  Aura Cacia's Cinnamon Ylang Ylang Foam Bath for luxurious bubbles for even more delightful aromatherapy benefits.

After your relaxing soak, renew your body with this gentle oat-based Skin Nourishing Body Scrub. The exfoliating sugar granules are a gentle way to slough off dead skin while the jojoba oil nourishes dry skin and leaves a healthy, glowing sheen.

1 cup raw, unrefined sugar granules
¼ cup ground plain rolled oats (use a mortar and pestle or pulse in a coffee grinder)
9 drops grapefruit essential oil
6 drops ginger essential oil
3 drops rose otto or rose absolute oil

Mix ingredients in a bowl. Gently buff over skin in circular motions. Rinse off in shower. The sugar and oats will dissolve away leaving the nourishing jojoba glow behind.

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Lover's massage

Lover's MassageCreate a sensory experience by combining aromatherapy with an erotic massage. Create the following blend to incite desire and inspire romance:

1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon sweet almond or apricot kernel oil
10 drops rose absolute oil
7 drops sandalwood oil

Find a warm, cozy place free from interruptions and take turns massaging each other.

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Rose Absolute essential oilThe rose has been described since antiquity as the queen of all flowers. Its beauty and scent has been cultivated and appreciated for millennia. The aromatherapy benefits of rose stem from the oil's powerful influence on our emotional centers. Not only does rose calm anxiety, reduce stress and release tension, but it has been highly regarded as an adjunct to love. Rose absolute is extracted from the blossom with solvents to form a sticky mass called the ‘concrete’. The concrete is washed clean of the solvent with alcohol. Finally, the alcohol is distilled away leaving behind the precious solvent/alcohol-free absolute oil.

Rose Absolute Sensual Perfume Oil
1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
10 drops rose absolute oil
7 drops sandalwood essential oil

Mix oils and store in a small glass vial. Massage a drop or two into pulse points.

Rose Absolute Emotional Rescue Remedy Spritz
4 ounces bottled or distilled water
12 drops rose absolute oil
3 drops geranium essential oil
3 drops clary sage essential oil
Small spray bottle or atomizer

Place ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously and lightly mist over skin.

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