Happy New Year from Aura Cacia

Happy New Year from Aura Cacia! Place an order on our website now through Friday and get 20% OFF your entire purchase!

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2007 also marks our 25th anniversary – that's right, Aura Cacia was founded in 1982. Back then we introduced the concept of aromatherapy to many for the first time, and we've been leading the way ever since. Look out for special savings throughout the year to encourage you to celebrate along with us.


Winter skin care

Caring for our skin changes with the demands of each season, but as we all know, harsh winter weather can be particularly hard on our skin. Combat the adverse effects of the winter elements with these aromatherapy skin care rituals.

aromatherapy foam bath

1. Indulge in a warm, relaxing aromatherapy foam bath.

body polish

2. Remove dead, dry skin cells with an all-over aromatherapy body polish.

body cream
3. After bathing, moisturize with a luxurious aromatherapy body cream.
Aura Cacia

Essential Oil of the Month

Essential Solutions

Creative JuiceSometimes we need a little mental first aid - you know, for occasions when you might want to push the Panic Button or take a Chill Pill*.

Fortunately, Aura Cacia has the ingredients for your kit in our 100% pure Essential Solutions. The names say it all: Looking for a little Creative Juice? Need a spirit-lifting Pep Talk? Grab a few - you never know when you'll need a quick fix.

*Chill Pill is used under license

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Resolve to work out more in '07?

The invigorating, inspiring and uplifting properties of essential oils can help boost confidence and commitment to a thorough workout in several ways. Some oils are activating, others soothe and calm, and still others inspire and motivate.

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