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Pumice Stone Diffuser

DIY: Turn pumice stones into portable essential oil diffusers

There are many nifty and convenient gadgets for diffusing the aromatic benefits of essential oils into your airspace at home, in your car or at the office: electric diffusers, battery-powered pocket and portable diffusers, terra cotta diffusers to hang in a sunny window, fan-powered room vaporizers, decorative candle lamps and discreet lamp rings. Each of these options occupies its own niche and offers varying degrees of ease of use and style, but what about deodorizing things like gym shoes, lockers, book bags, closets and drawers?

If you are a practical DIY-type who’d like to create some multi-functional, discrete essential oil diffusers that you can tuck or hang up anywhere, try putting together a few of these homemade pumice stone diffusers.

Pumice is a lightweight volcanic rock, filled with many air spaces that the essential oils will soak into. Plus, all those air spaces have a tremendous amount of surface area for the essential oils to evaporate from, making pumice a superior natural diffusion material.

What you'll need:

  1. Natural black, gray or red pumice gravel (available at most garden centers) or natural pumice stone exfoliating blocks (available at most beauty supply stores or online)
  2. Small mesh drawstring bags
  3. Essential oils (see recommendations below)


If using pumice gravel:

  1. Sort out rocks of similar sizes, enough to fill your mesh bags. Use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse and wash the rocks until the water runs clear. Don’t dispose of rinse water down the sink; rather, use it on your garden or for houseplants.
  2. Spread rocks out in a single layer and allow them to thoroughly dry.

For both pumice gravel and stone:

  1. Fill mesh bags with the pumice gravel or stone and sprinkle the stone(s) with the essential oils. Use about 35 drops of essential oils per 1 cup of pumice gravel or per exfoliating stone.
  2. Replenish oils as needed.
Pumice Stone Diffuser Step 2

Essential oil recommendations

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