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Much of the pleasure of essential oils stems from the many ways we have to enjoy their aromas. Oils can be easily blended into mineral baths, aromatherapy massage oils, room fresheners, perfumes and cosmetics.

Aromatherapy in the Bath

An aromatherapy bath is an opportunity to pause, relax and indulge ourselves when the stress and strain of a hectic day weighs heavily on mind and body. Essential oils can make a bath sublime, sensual, invigorating and relaxing.

A mineral bath mixture is one convenient way to deliver the benefits of essential oils. Mineral bath mixtures are usually blends of various naturally occurring salts that have been harvested from ancient, dehydrating bodies of water. Mineral salts are also mined from the fossilized remnants of prehistoric sea beds. These minerals elevate the pH of bath water, invigorate and toning the skin while drawing out excess water and toxins from the body.

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Blend

The benefits of essential oils can also be delivered in a vegetable carrier oil such as sweet almond, grape seed or jojoba. Essential oils readily diffuse through vegetable oils, creating a delightfully fragrant liquid that's beneficial to the skin. An essential oil blend that's overpowering in its undiluted form becomes delicate and pleasing in a carrier oil. Diluted oils are also much safer to use. The following recipe contains 2% essential oil. A range of 2%-5% is most commonly recommended, with lower percentages being used for stronger oils like peppermint and higher percentages used for milder oils like flower oils.


By creating our own essence, cologne or perfume, we experience essential oils on the most fundamental emotional level. Our choice of oils reflects our innermost feelings. When we wear a personalized essence we surround ourselves with an invisible aura that reflects our own essence.

Colognes and perfumes require the most sophisticated and restrained use of essential oils. Wearing these substances infiltrates the personal space of others. A subtle approach is more intriguing than a lavish, heavy handed approach.

Today, major fragrance manufacturers have thousands of aroma chemicals to choose from in formulating their sophisticated, standardized designer essences. Most of these fragrances seem odd, unnatural and unnecessarily complex when compared to a personal essence that has been artfully and lovingly blended using all natural essential oils.

Your personal essence can be added to a carrier oil or alcohol and distilled water base. A perfume strength blend would contain from 15-30% essential oils, 90-95% pharmaceutical grade alcohol and 5-10% distilled water. By increasing the water and decreasing the oil and alcohol percentages you can create a milder eau do toilette or body splash.

This blend yields a sweet floral aroma with light citrus notes. It makes a good, widely applicable essence in its own right and is also easily personalized by the addition of your own favorite oils. Try adding some rich, balsamic foresty oils like atlas cedar or fir needle to create a more masculine blend, or more floral herbaceous, notes like rose or geranium for a more feminine blend.

Any of these techniques will introduce the benefits of essential oils into your everyday life. A morning bath, personal essence worn throughout the day, and an evening massage using your favorite oils will do wonders for your well-being.

Make Your Own

Soothing Citrus Scented Bath
When the stress and strain of a hectic day weigh heavily on your mind and body, try this uplifting yet soothing citrus scented bath.

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Blend
Create this invigorating massage blend to soothe and revitalize sore, tired muscles after a long hard day or vigorous workout.

This blend yields a sweet floral aroma with light citrus notes. It makes a good, widely applicable essence in its own right and is also easily personalized by the addition of your own favorite oils.


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