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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

The addition of essential oils to the practice of massage maximizes the effect of both massage and the aromatherapy in profound and delightful ways. While your body enjoys the effects of the physical massage itself, it also experiences the benefits of the essential oils as you inhale their aroma and your skin absorbs them topically. Aromatherapy massage is the most direct and intimate way to experience the aromatherapeutic nature of essential oils — even through simple self massage.

Getting started with aromatherapy massage

A simple 1 to 2 percent dilution of a single essential oil or a blend in a skin care oil such as sweet almond oil is all you need to do to get started. This roughly equates to 1 to 2 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of massage oil. You can mix the massage oil in the palm of your hand and begin the massage or blend larger quantities using the 1 to 2 percent ratio.

Tips for using essential oils during massage:

  • Enhance the desired effect of the massage, be it soothing or invigorating, with the essential oils that have similar benefits. Choosing oils that have a soothing, calming effect like lavender or chamomile will make the massage more relaxing, while choosing oils that have an invigorating effect like eucalyptus or peppermint will make the massage more activating.
  • Create a powerful scent-memory connection with essential oils and your massage experience, so that simply smelling that same oil later evokes a similar relaxed or invigorated mood.
  • Breathe deeply during massage to maximize the overall effect to all of the body systems. Essential oils like eucalyptus can inspire you to deepen your breath.

How to practice self massage

A trip to a licensed massage therapist is highly recommended, but not always practical. Self massage is an easy, beneficial practice of self care requiring just a few simple techniques. Spot treat areas of your body like forearms, feet, hands, neck, head and shoulders with these tips:

  • Begin by applying your massage oil to the area you are going to massage.
  • Using pressure and circular motions, gently sweep across the area with your thumbs or the pads of your fingers. Make sure to cover all of the surface area you can reach.
  • Squeeze and compress the area – just hold, release and repeat.
  • Make sure to stretch (especially your hands and feet) after the massage to continue the healing effects of the work.

Recipes for self massage:


The sensitive skin and tissues of the feet contain many nerves and blood vessels that readily absorb the beneficial effects of essential oils and carry them throughout the body. A foot massage can be easily performed on oneself and is a perfect relaxing or energizing activity.

Recipe: Grounding Foot Massage

Grounding Foot Massage
Cooling and Soothing Neck and Body Massage

Neck and Body

Massage this blend into your neck and shoulders, or overworked muscle groups in the legs or arms. The effect will help cool things down after a warm day — or simply serve to massage your troubles away!

Recipe: Cooling and Soothing Neck and Body Massage


A simple aromatherapy massage of the temple area can help us counter the mental turmoil in our lives with aromas that inspire us to pause and take note of what's most important.

Recipe: Meditative Temple Massage

Meditative Temple Massage

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