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Sweet Clarity Blend

Many aromatherapy blends formulated to be energizing can be a bit too brisk and overpowering. But this blend combines oils that yield an energizing benefit with sweetly scented ones, making a combination that's pleasant and uplifting. This blend is wonderful inhaled directly from the bottle or diffused when studying for a test or sitting through a long meeting.

20 drops peppermint essential oil
20 drops spearmint essential oil
35 drops lavandin essential oil
25 drops lemon essential oil
Combine oils. Use for inhalation or in a room diffuser.

Ease of Preparation: 3 to 5 ingredients

From: Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Group

We Suggest
Make a Consternation Massage by adding 3 drops of the Sweet Clarity blend to 1 ounce of sweet almond vegetable oil. Apply a few drops of this mixture to the fingertips and gently massage the temples during times of stress and confusion.

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